Series on the Priesthood - 26 - More On Preaching (from Clerical Reform Blog by Fr. Scott Hastings)

I've touched on preaching a number of times before, but there always seems to be more to say. As we get close to Easter, we find ourselves in the midst of a bit of perceived liturgical tension. We are entering into the most sacred time of the year, literally the week that changed the world, and we find ourselves steeped in custom and tradition. In these weeks, we may even feel more Catholic than any other time of year. The source of tension for us may be that even though we know that this is the holiest time, preaching on this year after year may be difficult. "What new thing do I have to say? How can I relate to those who have not been to church since Christmas? What can I do to not provide the same old thing?" Well, we know that we cannot change the rite. We cannot add in pseudo-liturgical practices in a vain attempt to make the Triduum something that it is not. No, there is a real benefit here in routine. But, how will our preaching work?

Of course, we know that what will make our preaching fruitful is prayer. Fathers, if you have not already been taking the readings for this Sunday to your holy hour, it is time to do so. The only way that your preaching will provide nourishment is if you speak what Our Lord wishes you to speak.  This certainly applies to any sermon, but what we have here is a body of sermons that are all interconnected. No part of next week is an island unto itself. So, make some time to prepare as deliberately as possible.