Baptism of the Lord C, 2013 - Dcn. Bill O'Donnell

The Paradox of God

      He came unto His own, and His own received Him not.

      The loftiest and most exalted became the embodiment of humility and simplicity.

      The richest became the poorest that the poor might become rich.

      He came out of dry ground to become a fruitful vine.

      He feasted with publicans and sinners that they might not starve in their sin.

      He starved for 40 days in the wilderness that we might feast on the impeccable Bread of Life.

      He taught us to love our enemies, to do good to those who treat us badly.

      He emptied Himself that we might be filled.

      Mighty conquerors with vast armies and terrible weapons have sought in vain to subdue the world—He conquered a vast kingdom with simple weapons of agape.

      The Lion became the Lamb that sheep might become shepherds.

      His heart was broken that He might bind up the broken-hearted.

      - His body was crushed that we might be made whole.

      We come into the world to live; He came to die.

      The purest One was called illegitimate, blasphemer, winebibber, glutton and impostor by guilty sinners.

      The Lord of lords became a lowly servant to serve the pitiful needs of mankind.

      The Man of Sorrows acquainted with the depths of grief became the joy of the world.

      He was rejected that we might be accepted.

      He was bruised that we may be healed.

      He was condemned that we might be justified.

      He was judged that we would not be judged.

      He was deserted for a time by the Father that we might find access to the Father.

      He died as the innocent One that the guilty might be declared innocent.

      By grasping life we die; through death we find life.

      Glory to the Lamb, the Paradox of God.

Dr. Anthony Fortosis, quoted in Prokope, November/December, 1992, p. 4

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