Useful Links


The Preacher's Institute Orthodox - Excellent Resource

Blogs and Podcasts 

SQPN - Leading The Way In Catholic New Media by Dcn. Mike Buckley by Dcn. Bill O'Donnell

The Readings 

USCCB Lectionary Readings Roman Catholic

Meditations on the Weekly Readings (these sites usually feature topics well in advance of the upcoming week)

Weekly Wellsprings - Roman Catholic

The Center for Liturgy at St. Louis University - Roman Catholic - Popular

Word On Fire - Audio Homilies Usually posted the week of, but has an extensive archive.

The Text This Week - Various Liturgical Churches - many links - 

The Preacher's Exchange - Hosted by Jude  Siciliano, OP Preacher/Instructor  in Homiletics

Basic Writing Technique 

Sentence Sence   - A free writing course

Webook - an online publishing site with in depth technique and anaysis of submitted writings 

Basic Sermon and Homily Writing Techniques 

Sermon Writing  - Technique, not theology

Illustrations and Stories 

Sermon Illustrations - Multiple sources and denominations

Fr. Tommy Lane's Story Archive (He also has a link to his homilies)